Leadership Capability Building

The Challenge

Many leadership teams struggle to work effectively as a cohesive team to drive strategic change, build leadership capacity at all levels, retain talent and achieve a consistent standard of excellence.

Catalyst Focus

Leadership Capability Enablers

We architect creative, customized, future fit leadership and team development strategies, assessments, coaching and learning options to accelerate leadership competence, succession and growth at all levels.

Catalyst Offerings & Tools

  • Leadership development strategy revamp : Leadership brand (DNA) & enterprise capabilities
  • Leadership engagement conferences
  • Leadership journey design & programs (future fit)
  • Leadership modules x 20
  • Assessments : We are focused on understanding people and making accurate predictions about their potential, capabilities and their likely performance in specific contexts. We offer a suite of customisable leadership and talent assessments, including¬† progressive generation relevant and gamified assessments through our specialist partners Yellowseed. We are also distributors of the dynamic Ennea5 Lens assessment, coaching and skills building ecosystem, integrating elements of personal mastery, emotional resilience, social drives, energy centres and the Enneagram for truly understanding the complexity of human behaviour.
  • Coaching : We have launched a Coaching Community that is committed to continuous learning, quality results that understands both personal and organisational effectiveness. We integrate coaching with the full Human Capital value chain and systemic business issues and context. Our Coaching Community is powered by bizHQ who have a proven track record in creating measurable personal business results through an integrated consultative approach to coaching.
  • Self-leadership : I am Talent, Licence to Learn, Alive Retreat
  • High performance leadership teams : Team diagnostic & tools (Catalyst, Ennea 5 Lens, R2 strengths profile)