Transforming South Africa through personal and leadership empowerment.

Alive is a 2.5 day (20 hour) (Fri-Sun)  experiential workshop designed to assist individuals in understanding their responses and impact in their lives and with others, and how to identify and release those beliefs and habits that hold them back from achieving the personal and professional results they strive for.

The workshop presents a safe space in which to explore possibilities and work in new ways to create positive results in life. The workshop is experiential in nature and includes individual and group activities, discussions, self-reflection and discovery, feedback, information sharing and practice sessions for new skills. The workshop is most effective if it is residential and delegates have undisrupted time to work with themselves.



  • Who you really are
  • What you really want
  • What’s really holding you back
  • How to change and release limiting mental and emotional programs
  • How to optimize your personal power and potential
  • How to build your emotional intelligence
  • How to achieve the results you really want
  • How to create the life of your dreams