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Catalyst is still operating on a work-from-home basis, only coming to the office when necessary.
Lockdown contacts: Debbie Craig (MD) 082 872 5429 / Kathy Kraus (GM) 073 201 2024

Testimonials and Results

Transforming South Africa through personal and leadership empowerment.


“The best education I could have got. More than all the knowledge I got in 12 years of school. Maybe this should be a course in every school. Wow! What a better world this will be. – Thank you! “

“Powerful. This was a life changing event, the magnitude of which can never be explained through words. Assistants – you exemplify that the course works. Thank you and universe bless you!! “

“I was overwhelmed by the experience. This workshop could not have come at a better time in my life. I now feel empowered to conquer my demons and live. I feel that I am now capable of achieving great things both personally and professionally.”

“I thought I knew what to expect and was quite “prepared”, but it completely blew my mind. Perhaps the most amazing experience of my life, it no doubt will change my life and the results I achieve.”

“What a journey, and the best part is that it’s not over. It will continue for all the days that lie ahead. “This workshop gave me a ‘starter pack’ of tools, which if you apply, can fundamentally transform the results in all areas of your life”


HEALTH – “I have lost 8 kgs since the workshop 3 months ago with no effort, just a few important decisions, and feel more alive than ever before”

WEALTH – “I have found my dream car at a ridiculous price, my dream house near the beach and expanded my business into Cape Town and internationally via the Internet, all through the manifesting and goal setting techniques I discovered on the workshop.”

RELATIONSHIPS – “I have reconnected with my daughters. They now want to spend time with me.” “The workshop saved my marriage”

HABITS – “I have stopped smoking now for 4 months.” “I have been clean of drugs for 6 months now.” “I don’t need to take headache tablets anymore.”

BUSINESS – “the workshop really saved my life and my business. I was about to let it go to ruins, was totally exhausted and run down before the workshop. I now feel free, filled with energy and ready to go on with my vision.”