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Stay home and stay safe, visit the official website
Catalyst is still operating on a work-from-home basis, only coming to the office when necessary.
Lockdown contacts: Debbie Craig (MD) 082 872 5429 / Kathy Kraus (GM) 073 201 2024

Our Books

Debbie Craig, Catalyst’s Founder and Managing Director, is a prolific writer and has published 4 books in the talent, learning and personal mastery space.


I Am Alive

I Am Alive takes you on a deeper journey into the self, a journey of discovery, sense-making and a fuller understanding of “who am I?” and “Why do I do what I do?”. It is packed with practical advice and tools that anyone can use to grow and develop their self-mastery. The personal story that is written alongside the content gives it a very personal touch and makes the journey real.

Our Alive workshops and retreats are highly sought after by hundreds of South Africans and international clients to understand themselves, begin their journey on personal mastery and find their purpose. 

Our Workshops & Retreats

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