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Catalyst is still operating on a work-from-home basis, only coming to the office when necessary.
Lockdown contacts: Debbie Craig (MD) 082 872 5429 / Kathy Kraus (GM) 073 201 2024

Learning Accelerators

The Challenge

The future of work requires significantly different mindsets and skills to adapt to new ways of working, new technologies, new products and new teams.  Building a self-driven, digital, collaborative learning culture and capability is critical for success.

Catalyst Focus

Learning Accelerators

We bring innovative strategies, tools and learning options to accelerate learning through a whole person, whole brain and whole systems approach – embedding self-mastery, team mastery and a learning culture

Catalyst Offerings & Tools

  • Learning strategy revamp : L&D capability building
  • Accelerated learning strategies, processes & tools : Accelerated Learning book & workshops; Accelerated development programs
  • Self-driven learning & learning culture : Personal & career empowerment; I am Talent book and workshops; Licence to Learn & Lead Learning; Mindset & skill building
  • Skills Modules : Catalyst x 20; Ennea x 6