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Catalyst is still operating on a work-from-home basis, only coming to the office when necessary.
Lockdown contacts: Debbie Craig (MD) 082 872 5429 / Kathy Kraus (GM) 073 201 2024

Our Events


Power Up8

Building 8 critical capabilities for an unpredictable world. Unleash potential, creativity, focus, energy and performance and build resilience.

Based on Debbie Craig’s latest top-3 best selling book is the latest in our offerings and has been hugely successful with both individuals and teams.  This virtual learning journey is being offered in 5 bi-weekly sessions of 2.5 hours each starting 18th February from 08h30 to 11h00.

R5000 per person

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I am talent

I Am Talent

Personal & career empowerment to optimise talent.

Also based on Debbie Craig’s earlier best-selling book, this 2-day workshop remains a firm favourite for individuals and in corporate environments for talent managers and graduates and is scheduled for 3rd and 4th March from 09h00 to 16h00.

R4500 per person

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NeuroChange Workshops

Upgrade your brain to accelerate learning, change and results – changing organisations from the inside out using the neuroscience of behaviour, choice and change.

This workshop series is being offered as a blend of one full day F2F session and 3 x virtual weekly sessions of 3 hours each – starting 13th March.

R5500 per person

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Quantum Leap Retreat

Discover the beliefs & programs holding you back;  Let go any negative events and baggage from the past;  Align body, mind, heart and soul for harmony and balance;  Create the life you want to live – guided in a powerful and energised space.

This very popular 2,5-day retreat is being offered in the idyllic Drakensberg Mountains and incorporates the Change your Mind workshop in an inspiring environment, offering mindful moments and transformational opportunities.  Be nurtured, be gently challenged, be inspired to transform your life from within.  Drakensberg retreat is scheduled for 25th March.

R6500 per person sharing (Drakensberg)

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Building the agile capabilities and talent needed for the rapidly evolving business environment.

In this workshop we will explore the TalentSHIFT model and the shift required for a future-fit organisation.  You will also learn how to assess your organisation’s current readiness and capability to build design for the future and transitional structures, capabilities, leadership, talent and culture required for a sustainable competitive advantage.

This breakfast workshop is by invitation only.  Keep an eye on your inbox.
Date: 11th March.

R500 per person

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Building capability for sustained creativity, resilience, energy and performance through change.

Disruptive and continuous change requires an organisational capability to adapt, shift focus, align and prioritise continuously.  In this workshop we will explore the CultureSHIFT model and the shift required to cultivate a culture that is learning and change fit for the future.  You will learn how to assess your leaders readiness and capability to engage and enable your people to be active contributors and resilient brand and culture ambassadors for the long term.

This breakfast workshop is by invitation only.  Keep an eye on your inbox.
Date: 25th March.

R500 per person

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