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Debbie Craig, Catalyst’s Founder and Managing Director, is a prolific writer and has published 4 books in the talent, learning and personal mastery space.



The world of work is changing exponentially as rapid technological innovation and global forces are compelling businesses to disrupt traditional industry models and adopt new digital strategies and skills to compete. This requires new future-fit thinking, habits and capability to learn, adapt, experiment and fail fast. Whilst technology may be threatening to replace many repetitive or replicable human activities, there is still a critical need for thinking and skills that will enable innovation, customer engagement, responsiveness, adaptability, cross-boundary teamwork, virtual teams and personal health, success and fulfillment.

We need people who are intensely curious (about themselves, others and the world), originally creative (experimenting, learning and willing to fail), courageously committed (to their vision for self, team or cause), consciously choosing (where to focus attention and how to show up), critical thinkers (who can resolve dilemmas and make meaning out of noise), trust building collaborators (that combine perspectives and strengths into lasting relationships and value), change influencers (that navigate the maze of change for positive impact) and generous contributors (that build lasting healthy communities). We also need people who understand the Neuroscience of choice and change and actively cultivate the identities, beliefs and habits to disrupt themselves before they are disrupted.

This book and accompanying resources and tools are intended as a guide for anyone to assess and rapidly build the most important beliefs and habits required for success in the next decade. 8 core capabilities have been carefully chosen from a unique combination of research and practical experience in developing organisations, leaders and learners over the last 20+ years around the globe. Each capability is described with characters, visuals, beliefs and habits for easy identification and practice. You can also assess yourself to see where you might be on each of the 8 continuums now and areas of potential growth.